Basket Wave

The plot depicts the vital rhythms of nature: the succession of the waves, the floating clouds in the sky, by the tight intertwining of the branches of a tree to the “revision” of the human body.
What is accomplished by following the lines is a journey of exploration, apparently within the object, but actually inside the mysteries of the world and of ourselves.
The basket weave in the joint memory represent the flow of energy, therefore the Life, the path of growth, continuity, immortality of the movement.

Additive Manufactury

The additive manufacturing has peculiar characteristics that make it unique. In the first place, it allows the production of objects with complex geometries, not achievable with the traditional goldsmith techniques in a single piece and in the second place allows customization of an article, which, compared to the basic model, will have substantially lower production costs. It also allows, by modifying the structure of the object, to achieve a minor use of raw materials with higher performance.

Rouches Collection

Laces are part of the costume history, they have always been present like wonderful decorations. Depending on the era, laces started to decorate skirts and corsets or they were used to simply hem some clothes, small details that made a difference. The manufacture of lace is an ancient art which is dated back to the XVth century. Today, laces have become fashionable again thanks to the different use of this ancient technique. The twine, in this collection, is enhance with precious materials and the lace is composed by three dimensions that make the piece of jewel both three-dimensional and light.

Twist Collection

The vortex of gold, the spiral of life.The spiral is a symbol of expansion and development, and has always been the movement.In its circular shape, the spiral moves like the Universe.In this new collection, the bracelet wraps the wrist in a modern harmony.The alternation of volumes and diamonds creates an elegant rigid bracelet with geometric particulars.The essential shapes of these models are highlighted by details that make the lines stand out.


P.IVA 01799260243 – REA VI-185399