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The Nuovi Gioielli experience with LMF was born from the desire to approach new technologies and production techniques, combining them with the craftsmanship of the product that has always distinguished us.
Design always becomes new, and many creative limits, often due to traditional processing techniques and the multiplicity of production steps, with this technique, are eluded.

In 1800, Jacquard fabric revolutionized the textile sector in the 19th century, and it is thanks to this special loom that we can still create complex designs and countless patterns in the clothes we wear today.
More than two hundred years later, Nuovi Gioielli applies the softness of the fabric and the Jacquard decoration to the metal.
The result is something unique, with multiple applications, not only in the specific jewelry sector, but in the wider fashion and design sector. Imagine the cuff of a shirt, imagine the insert of a bag, or, simply imagine, because the Metal Pixel can be anything you want.
The fabric and its decorations have always been the essence of fashion. Due to its solidity, metal has always played the secondary role of accessory.
Today, with this new processing technique, it can become an integral part of a new way of conceiving fabric, softness and swimwear.

We have gone beyond the frontiers of gold and jewelry, creating items in which there is no longer any limit to creativity and imagination.
Furthermore, the MetalPixel allows us to get closer to companies in the fashion industry.

For modern clothing companies, in fact, the concept of fashion also addresses metal accessories that are used to enrich the garments that are placed on the market with details.

Thanks to the particular care of the realization and the creativity of the typically Made in Italy design, many Italian companies have managed to respond to all the needs of companies working in the fashion sector. Dresses, shoes and bags are decorated with studs, buttons and buckles.
Metal has come to be a fundamental accessory to the fabric.
But can it be an integral part and not “just” an accessory? Today, yes.

The Metal Pixel, made and patented by Nuovi Gioielli, is able to give the tactile sensation of the fabric even though it is metal. Made of gold, silver, bronze and many other materials, it can reach thicknesses as thin as silk while maintaining the typical resistance of metal.

Express your creativity, decorate and personalize it.
Everything you can do with fabric can now be done with MetalPixel

The advantages of direct metal printing over lost wax casting are incredible both in terms of precision and in terms of geometric possibilities. One example is sculpture-like jewelry.

  • With LMF design always becomes new and many creative limits, often due to traditional techniques and the multiplicity of production steps, are avoided with this technique. An object like the one we see can be made with just one process.
  • Creativity can be expressed without limits, combining aesthetics, production and architectural techniques in a single object, having power over the results we want to achieve.
  • The designer controls the complete production process, from the creative phase to the verification of the powders, from the casting to the post process.


With LMF, precise machine centerings have been created in a simple and low-cost way, to be used for example for laser engraving, locking mechanisms for the production of mass-produced pieces and small molds that reduce costs and reproduction times during production.Making a model with LMF and getting to the master will be much faster than following the classic production channels. The visual perception of the object made on video will be followed a few hours later by the tactile perception of the same, considerably streamlining the verification times for the realization of the master

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