INTRODUCTION – Nuovi Gioielli undertakes to respect and act in accordance with any applicable law, directive, Collective Agreement and any supplementary agreement on human rights, worker protection, environmental protection, the Principles of Sustainability. In the event that national laws, agreements and conventions applicable in the territory in which Nuovi Gioielli Srl operates, and the Principles of Sustainability concern the same area, the most favorable provisions will be applied to guarantee respect for human rights, people and the environment. . In detail:

– Business ethics

Nuovi Gioielli S.r.l. undertakes to condemn corruption and to take action to combat all its forms, including extortion and bribery. New Jewels S.r.l. prohibits in all its forms practices of corruption, illegitimate favors, collusive behavior, solicitations, direct and / or through third parties, of personal and career advantages for oneself or for others. It undertakes to carry out and conduct its business with the utmost respect for ethical standards, guaranteeing integrity, transparency and compliance with the laws in force. In particular:

We are committed to complying with national and international regulations on direct and indirect corruption and we prohibit any type of activity carried out with a view to obtaining material, commercial or personal, direct or indirect advantages. Any exchange, transaction or other direct or indirect must be carried out in total transparency and must not imply any kind of obligation towards or from third parties;

  • We do not tolerate money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities;
  • We develop the Know Your Counterpart activity in compliance with the laws and regulations in force;
  • We disclose the characteristics of the products sold;
  • We take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity and safety of product shipments;
  • We respect the principles of confidentiality and protection of confidential data;
  • We exercise the utmost vigilance on the supply chain, specifically for the supply of gold;
  • We guarantee product safety measures within the factories during shipments, to prevent theft, damage or replacements;
  • We maintain the safety and well-being of Employees, Visitors and other relevant Business Partners;
  • We also undertake to take appropriate measures in order to ensure the integrity and safety of product shipments;
  • We are committed to respecting the principles of confidentiality and protection of confidential data;

– Respect for human rights, people and the working environment

We believe and are committed to respecting fundamental human rights and the dignity of the individual, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sanctioned by the United Nations. We do not tolerate the use of child labor. We undertake not to resort to any form of forced labor, on bail, on a fixed contract, or of prisoners, and not to limit the freedom of movement of employees and subordinates. We are committed to ensuring high health and safety standards. We are committed not to hinder the free association of workers. Where the law denies these freedoms, we will support parallel tools for dialogue. We undertake not to make any discrimination based on race, ethnicity, caste, country of origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, trade union membership, pregnancy, political affiliation, marital status, physical appearance, age or other prohibited restriction. in the workplace, so that all “fit for work” people are granted equal opportunities without discrimination based on factors unrelated to their ability to perform the intended job. We will not engage in corporal punishment under any circumstances and prohibit the use of degrading treatment, harassment, abuse, coercion or intimidation in any form. We undertake to comply with the legislation in force regarding working hours and remuneration, or, in the absence of such legal requirements, to adopt the relevant reference standards. We are committed to supporting the development of the communities in which we operate, contributing to economic and social well-being.

– Environment

We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to managing the environmental impact of our business by eliminating or minimizing the negative effects on the environment. We are committed to ensuring environmental efficiency in our business. We are committed to adopting practices that enhance biodiversity and reduce negative consequences for biodiversity. In particular:

  • The measurement of consumption, to keep their environmental performance under control and base decisions on objective data also with a view to technological development;
  • The choice to use substances and products with a lower environmental impact among those available on the market;
  • Implement the processing cycle in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and / or regulations, in environmental matters with respect for the fauna and flora protected by national and international laws;
  • Reduce negative environmental impacts by containing waste destined for disposal;
  • Continuously adapt the environmental management system with particular attention to the prevention of pollution and the improvement of its environmental performance;
  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently;
  • Refuse from any animal testing and not to deal with companies, suppliers or sub-suppliers who act with cruelty and / or endanger the life and / or welfare of the animals;
  • Use the utmost care and diligence in choosing the materials that it must autonomously procure, in particular for the materials used in the execution of supplies and processing and for the realization of the Products and implement the processing cycle, of which Nuovi Gioielli must guarantee the legitimate origin, legitimate marketability and usability in full compliance with national and international regulations;
  • Acting in respect of the environment and the conscious use of environmental resources, with reference to the supply of exhaustible raw materials, the use and disposal of materials, having particular regard to the problems relating to recyclability and toxicity, emissions and energy saving;

– Management systems

We intend to comply with applicable laws and publicly declare our commitment to abide by the RJC principles and rules of procedure. We intend to assess our risks, including the risks to our business deriving from our business partners, creating systems capable of managing and improving ethical standards and procedures, while respecting human rights, social principles and the environment.

Social Report 2020


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