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1800: The fabric Jacquard revolutionized the textile industry in the nineteenth century and it is thanks to this special frame that still today we can create complex designs and countless fantasies in the clothes we wear. More than two hundred years later, Nuovi Gioielli applies fabric softness and Jacquard decor to metal. The result is something unique, with multiple applications, not just in the specific area of jewelery industry but in the wider fashion and design area.

Imagine the cuff of a shirt, imagine the decoration of a purse, or, just imagine, because the Pixel can be all you want. The fabric and its decorations have always been the essence of fashion. Because of its solidity, metal has always .played a secondary role as an accessory. Today, with this new processing technique, the metal can become an integral part of a new way of conceiving fabric, softness and fashion.

Nuovi Gioielli

The creativity can be free up fully, combining aesthetics, mechanical and architectural technique in a single object, in essence, the result is in the absolute power of the designer.

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”



The experience of the design becomes always new, you realize that you have much less limits to creativity, often caused by the traditional processing techniques and the multiplicity of production stages